Thursday, July 22, 2010

New release out, and a good resource...

Ok, first the new release...
A couple nights ago, I released a new version of EZ-Groups. The new version fixes a couple bugs, was iOS4 tested, and has a couple new features. The bugs were nothing the users would notice (or at least I hope note ;)) I just saw a couple issues in crash reports that I cleaned up.
The real changes the users will see, are I've added an index down the side of the All People view, much like the phone as on its address book, and I added the ability to see which groups a person is associated with. This is handy for someone who wants to quickly see that their softball buddy, also bowls with him, or friends who also work with you. The best example of how this can be used, was actually the inspiration to the change. The user uses this app to organize contact information for people in public life, and adds them to groups according to committees and organizations they're a part of. Now, not only can he see that "John Doe is a member of ACME Charity", but he can also see who else he has as a contact, that is also a member of that charity.
More changes are coming soon, along with changes to Bracket Man!

And finally, I found this great forum for iPad resources, check it out!