Saturday, January 2, 2010

iPhone Apps Sold Well Last Month

Ok, I don't have official results from Apple yet, but last month my iPhone Apps did pretty well. I sold over 50 of the Bracket Manager, and about the same for Basketball Stats. I know, I didn't exactly get rich, but hey, it took me 3 months to make about $90, and last month alone was over $130, which puts me over the top for a check from Apple!
Now, I'm thinking of doing some rebranding of the Bracket Manager to see if I can get it into some niche markets. I've also added ads to the free version. So, here's the plan:
  • Ad supported free version Bracket Man
  • Non ad supported paid version of the Bracket Man (not yet created)
  • Non ad supported version of the Bracket Man Pro
Why So many versions? Well, that's really not that many versions. When you think about it, That's just two apps, one with a lite and paid version, the other with more functionality. Hopefully we can monetize them and start really making some money now!
Have a great new year!

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